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40 Day Challenge

That Will Change Your Life… I Guarantee It!




BONUS: Join now and get 3 free coaching calls with Petra during your program! ($750 value)



Start Now!  Take your life into your hands today!

This program is a simple way to kick start your healthy lifestyle…You will feel amazing!

Most of us are feeling tired, low on energy and our skin is dull.  We are having trouble going poo and don’t feel our ideal weight.  We have junk food cravings and just don’t know where to start to eat healthier and to feel better.

Join the 12,600 people that have already gone through this life changing, super doable, fun video & coaching program.

I want you to feel empowered, inspired and full of knowledge to live your extraordinary life.  Learn these simple recipes and tools to start now!

6 weeks – 18 videos – Recipes & Sooooo much more


I was looking for a program that would help me get my health back on track & signed up for the Green Smoothie Gangster Challenge. During this amazing program I experienced many changes like lightness in my body, easier breathing, clearer sight and mind. It’s very fun, I enjoyed all of Petra’s videos and now drink delicious medicine every morning.  Sono, Vancouver Canada

Petra introduced me to the green smoothie about 5 years ago. Once I felt the benefits of having a smoothie in my daily routine, it became a must have. I feel more balanced, alert and have peace of mind knowing I’m getting a big portion of my daily greens and fruit intake in one easy and delicious drink. Her program is so fun and informative. You have to join to feel more healthy, alive and juicy!  Tracey, Vancouver Canada


I love this GSG Program! I have learned so many ways to get a quick, easy hit of nutrients and energy into my body. I have suffered with irregular bowel movements and poor digestion in the past and now feel lighter and happier. I am a total convert and have got my parents and sister signed on the Green Smoothie Gangster Challenge too. Thank you Petra for sharing an amazingly simple and yummy way to transform our health – your enthusiasm and passion are infectious!  Naomi, London England

A Letter from the Creator

I am Petra, your guide and biggest cheerleader!!!

Right after drinking my first green smoothie, now 10 years ago, I got a rush of energy. I learned about all the health benefits, how many lives it changed and I started making one every morning. I pooped more, yippee! wasn’t as hungry all the time, had sooooo much more energy and I felt really good in my body. So I was hooked! And so was everyone I introduced it to.

Although I ate healthy I didn’t realize how little I was eating dark leafy greens and dehydrating my body. For the past 10 years, I have coached thousands of clients to live a healthier, happier life. The tools, recipes and practises offered in this coaching program are what I have been teaching my clients for years. They are also the guiding health principles I use daily. I walk my walk and practise what I preach.

Everything I am guiding you to, I have experienced first hand in myself and in my thousands of clients. You are in VERY GOOD hands with me and I am honoured to support you in taking your health into your hands and being more empowered in your life.

13 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months later. Losing my mom/best friend has been the hardest thing in my life. Frantically looking for ways to heal her naturally, without any clear direction or guidance is a pain I do not wish on anyone. And that is why I have created this program and all my programs, so you don't have to search to become healthy or be left in the dark, the info is all right here for you.

I invite you to join the Green Smoothie Gangster Program today, its the easiest and funnest way to get healthy!  And coach with me Live!

With love and gratitude

♥ Petra ♥ Health & Performance Coach & Head Green Smoothie Gangster

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This LIVE coaching program is for you if you are ready to START! Start feeling better. Start eating better. Start taking care of yourself better. Start thinking better. Start feeling great in your clothes. Start feeling happier. Start saying yes to you!

You are NOT alone and you can do this! We are in this together.  You are part of a community and you have support. You are guided weekly through fun videos, recipes, tips, tools and practises to live an extraordinary happy juicy life

What are the benefits?

Most of us want to be healthier, to make better choices and eat better food. But it's confusing. Where do we start? What do we eat? What do we NOT eat?

We may start eating more salads but our inspiration for 'getting healthy' fades out.

When we commit to a transformational coaching program like this, we succeed. The guidance and support keeps us accountable, excited and moving forward.

Yes!  You can achieve all your goals, and it helps to have someone guiding and cheering you on.  (♥ that's ME ♥)

Reserve your spot for the Green Smoothie Gangster Challenge if you feel ready to stop struggling in your life and start thriving instead.

I’ve put a lot of love into this program and this message is near and dear to my heart. Since my mom passed away, I have been teaching ways we can heal our bodies naturally.

This Green Smoothie Gangster Challenge is step one of that information.

See you on the inside!  You will love it!



BONUS: Join now and get 3 free coaching calls with Petra during your program! ($750 value)

This program is for you if you want to:

♥ Become your ideal weight and feel good in your clothes
♥ Have more energy, vitality, spring in your step
♥ Get rid of constipation issues FOR EVER!
♥ Heal your heart burn, upset stomach and poor digestion
♥ Reverse aging, have glowing skin and be more vibrant
♥ Feel more empowered
♥ Transform negative thoughts and practice more gratitude
♥ Accept yourself as you are and love, love, love, love, love yourself
♥ Be WAY happier, Feel WAY better and love your life WAY more

You are AMAZING!!!! You are POWERFUL!!! You are BRAVE!!!


My first experience with green smoothies was after a friend referred me to this web site in November 2013. I had just been ordered by my Doctor to lose 10% of my body weight or risk becoming a diabetic. I had no idea where to start. Thanks to this program and Petra’s guidance, I have been drinking green smoothies and taking on all of health practises Petra teaches and have never looked back. I’ve lost 45 lbs and feel absolutely amazing. I have a spring in my step and a new sense of inspiration for my life.  Woody, Calgary Canada

1 week into the Green Smoothie Gangster Challenge, I no longer have to take laxatives. My smoothie is working like a hot damn….why didn’t I do this sooner. Kale, sprouts and spinach is my go-to mix! Petra’s teaching me to connect to my body and to love myself more too. Wow I feel great!             Pam, Richmond Canada


Petra has been a catalyst on how I view my diet and has actually made it fun (for someone who does not like to cook) to prepare easy, delicious food. I am A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D, like madly in love with, this Green Smoothie Gangster challenge. I love adding in simple things to my daily practice that make my life so much better. I don’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen to eat well, nor do I spend a long time in the bathroom anymore – yes Petra’s pooping tips eliminated my constipation. I am so grateful. Janet-Lee, San Francisco USA

How this Coaching Program Works:

1) Sign up for this Live Coaching Program
2) Every week receive shopping lists, recipes, video lessons, tools, tips & techniques
3) Every week also receive inspiration and support to guide you along
4) Join a LIVE interactive group coaching call with Petra every other week
5) Be a part of a online community that supports you & inspires you

This 6 week (40 day) Smoothie Challenge will include:

  • 18 videos total - 6 smoothie videos - 6 food videos - 6 empowerment & self love videos

  • Community support, weekly recipes, tips, tricks, and techniques

  • Inspirational notes, empowering affirmations, and personal stories from me

♥♥♥ You are AMAZING!!!! You are POWERFUL!!! You are BRAVE!!! ♥♥♥

The truth is… It’s time for you to feel great! To feel your own power! To feel inspired and on top of the world! If you are fueling your body with crap – you will feel like crap.

You deserve to feel awesome! So SIGN UP for the GSG Challenge and do it with us!

Say YES to your life – Say YES to your health – Say YES to yourself!

And if you have kids – do it for them and with them! Bring this program into your homes so all of you can be thriving. Your children need mass nutrition for their brains and bodies to develop. This program is your greatest tool as a parent.

Got some more questions?

1. Can I do this? I am busy.

Yes you can! This is 5 minutes every morning. The benefits will outweigh all your time concerns and this is about a lifestyle change. So wake up a few minutes early or make your smoothie the night before. Make time for yourself, you are worth it!

2. Can I eat other food?

Yes. Try replacing your breakfast with a GS every morning. Then eat what you want the rest of the day. I inspire you to choose healthier alternatives and I will show you how.

3. Is it expensive to make smoothies?

No. Organic alternatives will be more expensive than buying conventional produce but I do recommend you spend the extra dollars and buy no chemical food. Especially your greens. Sometimes it pays to invest in yourself now instead on Doctors later.

4. What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice.

Both are amazing and have their purpose. Use a blender to make a smoothie and use a juicer to make a juice. Smoothies have fibre so they help you clean, give you a more full feeling and are an instant energy boost. Juices have no fibre so they don't need digesting and go straight into your blood stream. Smoothies take less ingredients, are faster to make and clean up. Juices needs lots of veggies, take longer to make and clean up. If you are starting - start making smoothies. If you need a major healing of your body from a disease, drink more green juices so the body does not have to spend any energy on digesting and can use the energy for healing instead.

5. Can pregnant women and kids drink green smoothies?

Yes Yes Yes! GS are an awesome way to boost your nutrition intake. Kids love GS and what a great way to get them to eat spinach and kale every day. Pregnant ladies, its all about your vitamin intake to nourish your growing babe so drink up….you and your peanut are gonna love them!